Thursday, 8 August 2013

Goldsmiths Summer Festival update - more photos!

Thanks very much to Donald Daby for these great photos from 2o July. Please come along to the Goldsmiths Community Association Annual General Meeting on 21 September from 3-6pm where more local talent awaits to entertain you. Will it be a BBQ, or pizzas from the Earth Oven? Watch this space...

MC Janet Daby
Manuela sings Suzie Quattro, with Goldsmiths Dance Academy

Queue for the face painting
Gospel Choir
Gospel Choir
Heidi Alexander MP announces the raffle prizes

Tim busy at the bbq with Chris taking the orders - and the money!

BB Queue - they were very good
Brunel Bannister on guitar
Chris plays rock guitar
Cllr Mark Ingleby plays jazz piano
Joshua and friend (and another little friend)
Last but not least DJ Granty G, the rapping plasterer, with DJ Cobra and Stevie G

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