Thursday, 28 January 2010

10 things I like and 10 things I dislike

I like regulars and specials and stuff that everyone likes and veggies can eat eg pasta or soup, even quiche... I dislike too much choice and I won't believe you've got it
I like interesting things on the walls: art, photos, poems, tin signs, history... I dislike the sort of posters you can buy in Smiths or anything stuck up with blu tack, or out of date noticeboards (take note Goldsmiths)
I like different types of seats; stools, chairs, some with arms... I dislike hard plastic stackable chairs, particularly orange ones
I like tables that you can make different shapes (square or rectangular) with and dislike round tables, even outside
I like today's newspapers or failing that a few books, but not magazines of any description as they remind me of the dentist, GP or hairdresser
I like music or the radio playing in the background, especially if it's otherwise quiet, but I dislike any sort of compilation tape or jukebox apart from a Bal Ami or Rock Ola
I like a good cup of coffee and anywhere that has a proper coffee machine... I dislike any of the 'real coffee' chains that infest our cities
I like unhurried service that you know is efficient... and really dislike staff who get in a flap or are rude
That's not 10 I know but it will do to be going on with