Friday, 2 August 2013

Goldsmiths Summer Festival 20 July 2013

From dancing and singing to live musical performance, smoothies to home made cakes to allotment produce to BBQ, the Goldsmiths Summer Festival on 20 July at Goldsmiths Community Centre was a great success. Funded by the Whitefoot Assembly and supported by Phoenix Community Housing and the Pre-School Learning Alliance Lewisham, the event was well attended and enjoyed by the local community, and the weather couldn't have been better. A stage was built in the George Green Hall garden for live performances by local people, to complement the stage in the hall.

With many thanks to the organising committee, the sponsors, the performers, all the people who volunteered their time on the day and to Donald Daby for the photos of this memorable event. Most of all, to the local people who came along!

Janette and Smita greet the guests, and sell some raffle tickets at the same time

Brunel Bannister on guitar and Councillor Mark Ingleby on keyboard

The fabulous Police Cadets, endlessly helpful, endlessly cheerful!
Chris and Brian the dynamic caretaker duo

Stave - remember you saw them here first!
Performances on the George Green Hall stage by Tamil Dancers
Councillor Janet Daby with the Tamil Dancers
Mr WillHe WontHe entertaining the children
Stevie G, DJ Cobra and friend
Face Painting - you can't see the huge queue
George from the Community Safety Team with Elwood, acting Chair of Goldsmiths Community Association
Hard selling to potential members of the Goldsmiths Community Association 
- would you like to join?

Janet on the sharing table (including raspberries, redcurrants and gooseberries picked that very morning from Kendale Allotments)
Sue, Treasurer of the Goldsmiths Community Association, wearing 'two hats'

Representatives from L and Q and Denne explain the imminent regeneration of the nearby Excalibur prefab Estate
Angela, health trainer on the NHS stall

Some frantic pedalling produced these lovely drinks from the ever popular Smoothie Bike

Fruit chopping for the Smoothie Bike!
Steve Hurren and colleague on the Phoenix Community Housing stall
Heidi Alexander MP, Sally Cross, Goldsmiths Centre Manager, and Councillor Janet Daby
Jonathan Slater, Heid Alexander, Sally Cross, and Janet Daby. Sally has been centre manager at Goldsmiths Community Centre for 22 years, and retired on Friday 26 July.We hope she takes with her many happy memories of the centre and wish her well for the future, in her retirement!

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