Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Local Assembly Funds 2012-13 for Downham and Whitefoot

What are local assemblies?

Local assemblies are open meetings where you and others decide how to improve your area. Lewisham was the first local authority to establish local assemblies. What's the best way to find out about and contribute to your area? Go along to your local assembly meeting! Details of local assemblies including the dates of the meetings can be found on the Lewisham Council website.

Whitefoot Assembly meeting at St John's Church, Bromley Road
Where is your local assembly?
To find out which ward and assembly you belong to, type in your postcode in the find your councillor search on the Lewisham Council website.

Downham and Whitefoot Ward maps
Do you want to know if you are in Downham or Whitefoot ward? Wards are electoral boundaries for local authorities. In urban areas the wards within a local authority area generally contain roughly the same number of electors and elect three councillors.
Maps link to Lewisham Council website
Big Jubilee Lunch, Beachborough Gardens supported by Whitefoot Assembly
What about funding?
This year's Downham and Whitefoot Assembly Funds stand at £18,750 each 

£3,750 will be on Councillors recommendations 
The remaining £15,000 will be allocated to groups who can apply for funding.

For 2012-13, the funding will be allocated as follows:

  • 2 projects to be capped at £4,000
  • 4 amounts of up to £500 seed funding for first time projects
  • Remaining projects will be capped at £2,000
Groups who apply for funding have to demonstrate that they meet one or more of the assembly priorities for their area.

Assembly priorities
Each assembly has a set of priorities which have been agreed are most important to their area, through assembly meetings and outreach to local groups and individuals.

  • antisocial behaviour
  • youth provision
  • environment
  • provision for the elderly
  • adult education

  • crime and anti-social behaviour                                
  • lack of community facilities       
  • activities for young people        
  • roads and traffic       
  • lack of community spirit
The deadline for applications to the funds is no later than 12pm on Monday 10 September 2012. Please contact the Downham and Whitefoot Assemblies coordinator Jason Fleming for more information and an application form on 020 8314 3253 or by email

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