Thursday, 21 June 2012

Goldsmiths Community Centre Well Being Service

Since 2009 the Goldsmiths Community Centre has hosted a Well Being Service. One of the founding principles of the Goldsmiths Community Centre is the promotion of health in the local community. 

The purpose of the service is to help improve the health of the local community by running low cost complementary therapy clinics and hosting Well Being Days at the centre.
On Tuesday afternoons two local professional homoeopaths provide homoeopathic treatment at a fraction of the cost of a private consultation.

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which works with your body’s natural healing processes. Rather than use chemicals to suppress symptoms, homoeopathy works with those symptoms to treat the underlying cause of ill health. Homeopathy means ‘treating like with like’.

Homoeopathy is a safe gentle way to treat physical and emotional problems, help you to regain your energy and help prevent future illness. The homoeopathic consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your problem in detail and gives us the opportunity to listen to what you say, understand you and your problem fully and provide the most appropriate remedy to begin the healing process.

Demand for this service has been increasing since the project started so you will need to make an appointment.

Please contact Elwood Amey on 020 8461 4520 or Rowland Smith on 0791 064 4350 for more details or to make an appointment.

The Wellbeing Service was the inspiration for the Goldsmiths Community Garden.

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