Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Community reporters day 2

The community reporters said today:

There is not much for teenagers anywhere!

An outing for everyone, accessible to all. Any ideas?

The Big Lunch is not enough - there should be more events through the year to help people get to know their neighbours and the community. 

Grove Park

L&Q have set up a job training programme for young people age 16-25 at the youth centre in Marvels Lane/Grove Park Road. Before this, the young people used to hang around.

Bushey House and Merryfield House are being done up, outside and in. Scaffolding is up and men and women painters and decorators are doing a good job. (Note: I don't think Hawley's have been keeping up their website www.hawley.co.uk)


The new leisure centre is great, there are lots of activities - swimming, library and more. In the half term and other holidays they put on activities for children including crafts and reading. Did you know if your child has a library pass they can swim for free?

There's a lack of community spirit in the area. People sit at home on their computers and don't mix. Did you know research has shown that socialising helps you live longer? How about a meet your neighbour or give a hug day? You may get funny looks in London!

Where can you meet people? Schools, parks, libraries, community centres, shops.


Verdant Court Lane is a very good environment and Sandhurst Primary School is the best in London! The teachers are very experienced and sensitive. Recently the head teacher warned parents about some anti social behaviour in the area and wrote letters to them - now the parents know about keeping their children safe.

Lee Green

It's a very quiet area with lots of schools, no gangs, no youth clubs and a big Sainsbury's. Jimmy Mizen was killed in Lee though.

More next week, (hopefully some photos too) keep the comments coming...