Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Buildings by Design and Food Place update

Loscinia, Ruth and I went on the Buildings by Design course at Hackney City Farm on 24 & 25 February. This amazing course was run by the Glasshouse Trust, who have helped us over the past few months to shape our ideas for the Food Place.

More later...


  1. Lots of ideas about the food aspect from Hackney City Farm:
    Volunteers who come twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to plant, water and weed. Thursday is specifically focused on growing food so to learn more about how to grow plants from seed or how to propagate your fruit and veg this is the session for you
    Fresh produce sold in season throughout the year (they were planting out mizuna and pak choi last week)and a special herb garden
    Saturday vegetable gardening courses
    Mini Farmers Club (8-12 yrs) on Saturday mornings

    The cafe is run as a business and pays rent to the city farm.

  2. The model we made (unfortunately the furniture was destroyed by my cat getting in the bin liner) will be on display at the meeting this afternoon 4pm and somewhere safe in the centre, at the festival etc. Photos of the model are on the cafe and community hub page

  3. These are from the comments box on the website:

    Please look at the photos that have been added from the Buildings by Design course at Hackney City Farm! We met yesterday 3 March to look at the model and discuss the latest updates.

    A mini eden project in the IT Suite: pomegranates and lemons grow while people surf the web. Rainwater is collected from the redesigned roof and used to water the plants and flush the accessible loos. Solar pv panels power and light the zones and provide heat to the rest of the building.

    i like hearty food - soups and stews -in the winter; interesting salads in the summer; fat chips with mayo dip; variety and choice but not too much so food hangs around for too long!; some squashy chairs for reading the paper; nice chalkboard with some regulars and daily specials too; tables with random chairs in different colours and shapes; nice muted greens on the walls and plants around; reasonable prices; friendly staff and some nice music playing; but most of all quality ingredients NOT basics stuff; i like a glass wall like Moonshot or Laban and tables outside like Pistachios in the Park and the solar panels are a great idea.
    I dislike poor quality ingredients, use of cheap margarine and cheap bread particulalry; I dislike cheap coffee and not enough of it in the cup; i dislike a building that looks unfriendly and unwelcoming from the outside.