Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Whitefoot Assembly fund applications now open

This year’s Whitefoot Assembly Fund stands at £15,000, £2,500 of which will be on Councillors' recommendations, with the remaining £12,500 allocated to groups wishing to apply for funding. 

The funding will be allocated as outlined below:

  • 2 projects to be capped at £3,500
  • 4 amounts of up to £500 seed funding for first time projects
  • Remaining projects will be capped at £2,000
The Assembly will choose one of the successful £500 projects to follow from start to finish. This project will provide regular updates at assembly meetings, where the assembly can offer advice as well as help the project in its development. Last year's project Spoken Aspirations is featured here

The guidelines and application form are available to download on the Downham & Whitefoot Interagency website.

To see what has been funded in the past, follow this link.

Proposals must address one or more of the five ward priorities as well as one or more actions within the action plan, which can be downloaded here.  

What are the five ward priorities?
  • crime and antisocial behaviour
  • lack of community facilities
  • activities for young people
  • roads and traffic
  • lack of community spirit
Help with funding applications can be found on the Resources and Advice tab on this blog.

All applications are to be submitted no later than Friday 20 September 2013. There will then be a vote held at the Whitefoot Assembly Meeting on Thursday 21 November 2013. 

For more information, please contact the Whitefoot Assembly co-ordinator Matt Henaughan. 
Tel: 020 8314 3381 

For more information about local assemblies in your area, please visit the Local Assemblies page on the Lewisham council website.

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